Don´t information technologies let you sleep? Leave them to us and you can fully focus on your work!

We will help you save costs, time, and energy. We will ensure the smooth running of your information technologies. We will adapt to your requirements so that you do not have to worry about anything. We will carry out a complete analysis of the current state and based on that we will propose a strategically and financially suitable solution for the development of your ICT solution.


As part of reducing and saving costs, it is often more advantageous to ensure the management of your ICT environment from external sources, which are used only when it is really needed. This can significantly reduce the cost of securing this area.

This service will be provided for you by several employees with experience such as Project Manager, IT Manager, IT Technician or Service Desk. People in these positions will take care of you as your own IT department. The main task is to ensure (for you):

  • Comprehensive care of stations, servers, network elements or peripherals
  • Supplies of HW and SW or consumables
  • Support and communication with third-party solution providers
  • Helpdesk for users (by e-mail or telephone)
  • and much more


How does it all work?

We will prepare a FREE IT audit for each new client using modern tools, which includes a check of the data network, network elements, physical stations in terms of configuration and application. This is followed by a check of the physical and application status of the servers. From the above information, we will prepare documentation on the basis of which we will recommend strategic changes, including the financial budget.

We will explain everything in detail and, after the changes have been implemented, we will ensure the smooth running and support of your ICT environment. You will sleep well, and you will be able to devote yourself to your business!

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