The data network allows users to communicate between computers and other electronic devices.

We can build a data network exactly according to your needs and requirements.

Our services include comprehensive deliveries of optical infrastructure, consulting and design services, installation of entire networks, integration of optical technologies into the existing topology and subsequent service ensuring.

We have the most modern equipment for quality construction of optical infrastructure, thanks to which we always hand over the installed line, which is properly measured and documented by handover protocols. We put emphasis on high-quality data network design to create a highly functional and logically correctly structured data network.


How do we do it?

  • We analyze the current situation and find out your needs
  • We will prepare the project, including documentation and drawing into plans
  • We implement optical and metallic data distribution
  • We supply telecommunications and data switchboards
  • We design active elements
  • Configure active elements

And we’re done!

We will deliver a data network on a turnkey basis to you too!